5 of the Best Cannabis Startup Logos

Logo development isn’t easy, particularly for new businesses. Getting your branding right takes time and involves understanding the image you’re trying to project, the audience you’re trying to reach, and the subtle and complex dynamics of visual marketing. [READ MORE]


We’ve been looking at marijuana-oriented company logos for a while now and too many of them look like clip art or childish drawings.


But some companies with marketing know-how and resources are developing their own unique look to brand their companies and products. Here are a few that have recently caught our eye.


What we like about Marley Natural is that it is subtle, sophisticated, and doesn’t fall back on the cannabis sativa leaf to represent their products. This logo elevates the possibilities of marijuana related branding.




Allstrain’s logo includes an interesting abstract take on the cannabis leaf and include drops to signify their premium cannabis oil although the extra drops in the “A’s” is a bit much. We think the logo works without it.


This is a simple, clean rendition of the leaf for Meltweed, a medical marijuana marketplace. Note the clever hint of the caduceus. Logo by Milan Vuckovic.




Flowhub went for a bold dark gray angular leaf design, slightly contradictory to the “flow” in their name but an interesting icon.


marysmedicinals  MN_Logo_Black_HiRes


We particularly like the “apothecary” feel of Mary’s Medicinals‘ logo treatment. Also black and white treatment with a tiny cannabis leaf as an accent, not a focal point.


We’ll keep our eye out for more logo designs to share with you. Stay tuned!