Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot or Weed?

What do you call it? Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot or Weed? According to a report called “Rebranding Marijuana” from High Times and the Omnicom Group agency Sparks & Honey, it depends who you are. [READ MORE]


Sparks & Honey says that six months of social media monitoring revealed “weed” had the highest number of mentions – 21 million – out of marijuana-related verbiage on all social platforms.


But if you’re an entrepreneur, you are 2.13 times more likely to use “cannabis” as your term of choice over any other related word. And if you’re a creative, chances are you’ll tweet using both “cannabis” and “marijuana.”


And did you know: women tend to use the “cannabis,” while men use “marijuana” more frequently. We tend to be old school and simply call it “pot.”


What about you?

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